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Sandy kernel for One Plus Two

Hey guys,

The 2014 flagship killer is back with One plus two in 2015 and has been going crazy in the market at the moment. With the quick release of their kernel source we bring you the initial custom kernel release for One plus two. Putting a short note of the feature list in sandy kernel for one plus two below.


There are plenty more hidden ! Just use and experience the kernel. Don’t forget to post your reviews 

Downloads :

SandyKernel v1.4 for Oneplus two ( CM based ) [ 25/02/2016]

Kernel adiutor ( with sandy charger control )

Older builds : ( Deprecated )

SandyKernel v1.3 for Oneplus two ( oxygen based ) (10/10/2015)

SandyKernel v1.3 for Oneplus two ( CM based ) (14/10/2015)

SandyKernel v1.2 for Oneplus two (29/09/2015)

SandyKernel v1.2 for Oneplus two for CM based ROM (29/09/2015)

Sandykernel v1,1 for Oneplus two ( 04/09/2015)

Sandykernel v1.1a for Oneplus two ( 13/09/2015)

CM CameraNext apk 

Kernel Adiutor app ( Sandy version)

Installation Instruction

  1. Download the zip
  2. Reboot to recovery ( custom recovery )
  3. Flash the zip
  4. Enjoy sandy kernel on one plus two
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