Restoring your lost IMEI in MTK phone

A common problem many face in their phone is loss of IMEI no. This is results in no network detection by your phone. U can come to know you have lost your IMEI by checking Settings->About phone->Phone information. There under IMEI section you won’t be finding your mobile IMEI numbers displayed.

Don’t worry you can restore your IMEI’s. Just follow my guide and you will be able to restore your IMEI. We will split the tutorial into two parts.


  • First step before performing all these things is that your phone should be rooted.
  • When your phone is in normal state with everything functioning install Root explorer and navigate to the below location >ROOT>DATA>NVRAM>MD>NVRAM>NVD_IMEI>MP0B_001
  • Now copy this MP0b_001 file to your SD card or PC whichever place you feel the file we be safer.
  • Now download MTK Droid tools . Now extract the zip file and open the MTK droid tools exe file.
  • Now in your phone turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings->About phone-> Developer options and there turn on USB debugging. Now connect your phone and MTK droid tools should be able to detect your phone. U should see a window like this appearing after your phone has been detected.
  • Now press the ROOT button present in lower right corner. When it asks Supersu grant in your mobile click allow. After MTK droid gets access u should see a green colour box appearing in the lower left corner which means u have correctly granted access to MTK droid.
  • Now click on the IMEI/Nvram tab. A window should open and click backup NVRAM and MTK droid tools would take a backup of NVram in its folder.


  • Now when you lose IMEI first try this method. Now take the MPDB_001 file which you took backup at the first step and navigate through Root explorer to this location ->ROOT->DATA->NVRAM->MD->NVRAM->NVD_IMEI. Now paste that file and replace the one present there. Now set the permissions for that file as RWER-ER-E. Now reboot your phone and you should be able to get your IMEI back.
  • If you still haven’t got IMEI open MTK droid tools and connect your phone and press ROOT again and give MTK droid tools root access. Now click on IMEI/Nvram tab and select Restore option and restore the NVram backup which you took earlier. Now reboot your phone and you should be able to get your IMEI.

Extreme method :

  • After performing all the above if you haven’t still got IMEI. Now switch off your phone and open SP Tools and connect your phone. Now click on format and format your whole phone. ( This wipes whole of the phone including NVram region ).
  • Now flash stock ROM through SP Tools and after it completes start up your phone. ( Don’t be surprised. Your IMEI will still be in lost state only ). Now root your phone.
  • After successful rooting now connect your phone to MTK Droid tools and again press ROOT button and grant root access to MTK Droid tools. Now click on IMEI/NVram tab.
  • Now as you see in the image above you can see two boxes IMEI1 and IMEI 2. Now enter your device IMEI numbers manually in those two boxes.( You can get your IMEI no’s from your phone box ). Now click replace IMEI. Now reboot your phone and you should be definitely able to get your IMEI restored.

Should you have any queries feel free to contact us and we will be there to help you


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