EaseUS Coolphone – App to cool down your Android phone

Hi folks ! Android is full of apps and today we bring you an interesting app which would be very useful for your android smartphone.

Often many people complain that while playing games or while doing multitasking their device gets heated. It is just kind of annoying thing every heavy smartphone users have to face. EaseUS Coolphone helps you to cool your devices down when you are performing these tasks.

You can download the app from the below link in DOWNLOADS section





First let’s discuss the salient features of this application.

Key Features:

  • Tap to cool down battery temperature
  • Effective functions to save battery power
  • Close all or specified background apps with one tap
  • Unique Smart Controller to optimize battery consumption in screen-lock mode
  • Various battery saving modes (Normal, super saving power and customized)
  • Quick switcher to manage system settings: WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Create shortcuts in home page for easier battery consumption control
  • Add battery temperature and battery percentage indicators
  • Great android battery doctor with clean interface

How the app works ?

Generally the battery saving apps which don’t require root are just namesake apps as in Android to save more battery and in general for battery saver apps to function well  ROOT is very much required. By giving root access to system core files the battery app can make the necessary works to kill the unwanted running processes in a android smartphone.

This app is no exception to it and requires rooting access for better battery saving output on your smartphone.

How to use the app and how it performs ?

  • Once you install the app and open it for the first instance you get an initial screen like this as below which detects the temperature of your device with an option to further cool your device with the TAP TO COOL option. Additionally you have options to toggle between several functions of your device such as turning of Wifi,bluetooth and other services. If your device has been rooted grant root access for this app when it asks.



  • The app by default creates three shortcuts on your home screen. One for the app, the second for an easy Tap to cool button and the third for Quick siwtcher. 


  • Upon invoking Quick switcher you get options which are very interesting and helps you access several functions of your device at one go. As you can see from the picture below you get several options like turning on Wifi ,mobile data.auto sync,airplane mode,screen rotation,screen lock,Bluetooth,etc. The biggest advantage is there are three buttons Auto clear data,auto off wifi & mobile data. These help you very much to save battery when you device is in idle state and hence the usage of battery becomes very less.


  • You can alter the Settings of the device by switching to settings tab which has the options to set your temparature unit and to make you decide if you need the shortcuts to be there on you home screen or not.


  • There is an option called Switch mode which lets you decide what mode your phone should run on. For example if you choose the Normal mode your Calls,sms and mobile data will be on while the Super mode keeps your brightness to the min level and mobile data off. Alternatively you can use you own custom mode too by choosing your own desired settings.
  • For Status bar shortcut lovers this app provides a very easy feature on the top of status bar as shown in the below picture. With this ice cool feature you can drag down the statusbar and peform cooling functions as well as other smart switch functions in one go. Cool ! Isn’t it ?


Final Review :

Overall when we used the app we found considerable improvement in extended battery time and the special switch features were very heplful in performing the switching tasks easier at one go. Regarding the cooling function we found the app to reduce temparature by 1 degree centitgarde to 2 degree centigrade. But this again depends on every individual phone because every phone uses different processor and chipset.

Overall we recommend people as a must try app and this app can be downloaded from our Downloads section above in the start of the post.

Do post us reviews about this app here and post your feedback in playstore as well so as to improve our services and provide further updates by reading feedbacks.