Carbon Rom for Xiaomi Mi4i ferrari based on latest Android 5.1.1

Hi guys,

Here we bring you the release of Carbon ROM based on Lollipop for the Xiaomi Mi4i (ferrari). Carbon ROM is richly known for its stability and features over the years and we are excited to present Carbon ROM for Xiaomi Mi4i.


CM Theme Engine
Wi-Fi notifications
AudioFX Equalizer
AOSP & CM Audio features
Slim Extra features like:
Camera Shutter sound,
Screenshot Sound,
Safe Headset Volume,
Less frequent notification sounds, etc.
Volume steps,
Audio charge notification
Display Options
Adaptive Brightness
Ambient Display
Wake Up on Charge
Double Tap to Sleep
Omni Screen Recorder
Color Calibration
Expanded desktop
CM Notification manager
Slim Heads Up Notifications and its features
CM shortcuts
Slim shortcuts
Weather with custom style
“CarbonFibers” features Menu:
Status Bar
Slim Clock & Date Options
Battery Options
(Portrait, Landscape, Circle, Dotted Circle Text or Hidden)
Mobile & Wifi Network activity icon options
Network traffic monitor
Brightness control
notification count
notification ticker
Custom carrier label options
CM custom Navigation Bar tweaked (size/color and other)
Custom Navigation ring
Toast animations,
Listview animations,
System animations,
Gesture Anywhere,
App Circle Side Bar

Clear All Button Tweaks
Hideable Google search bar

Slim PIE
Notification Drawer
Tile Options (Fully customizable)
SlimActions Tile
Quick Setting Options
Quick & Smart Pulldown
Colorized Tiles

Power Menu:
Advanced reboot
Screen Record
Profile Switcher
Airplane Mode
User Switcher
Device Lockdown
Sound Panel

Download :

CARBON-5.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20151005-1132-ferrari ( 05/10/2015)

Flashing Instructions :

  • Download zip and place it in Internal/SD card
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Install ROM and followed by gapps if u need
  • Reboot and enjoy